The idea was to create a portable wireless device, to be used mainly in the sports field, with the aim of training the reactivity and agility in athletes of various sports.
It could also be used as a game for responsiveness and agility competitions between multiple competitors of any age.

This project participates in Virtually Maker Faire May 23, 2020 -


How It works

Through the APP you decide the switching sequence of the devices.
Select how many times the ignition sequence will be repeated.
You can decide whether to start introductory music before departure.
On the right side of the APP interface there are indicators that warn if a device is on or off.
The devices can be arranged as desired, depending on the type of training.
The start-up sequence starts when the START button is pressed. The person participating in the training session must run fast and cover with his hand or even with a foot, for example by simulating a kick, to turn off the device and turn on another.
At the end, after completing the sequence, you will have the measurement of the time taken to complete the whole sequence.

Technical description of the project

The project is open-source and falls within the Internet of Things sector, where the use of Wi-Fi programmable devices is widely used for its operation.
Every device has an IP address from to

The components used were the following:
- Wemos D1 Mini based on ESP 8266 [[]]
- WEMOS X-Ring RGB 12 LED [[]]
- Infrared sensor to measure the distance
- Power Bank (model POWERADD Slim2 Mini Powerbank 5000mAh)
- Router WiFi

Connection scheme

Application Controller - Source code App Inventor


An APP for Android has been developed to control, via WiFi network, the whole sequence of switching on and off the various devices.
  as well as for measuring performance times. The APP was developed using App Inventor.
You can download th APP scan barcode :